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Here are four things which Christians would say demonstrate the existence of God.


The most powerful proofs of the existence of God are the historical events of the life, death and especially the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So we only ever want to point people to Jesus!


The personal testimony of the things God has done in the lives of Christians (and lives of friends) is very persuasive. This includes how and why we committed our lives to Christ. But it also includes the difference being a Christian makes to our daily life, accounts of answered prayer, miracles and healings and ways God has helped us in our times of need.

Another angle to this appeal to experience is the evidence from CHURCH HISTORY. By this we mean inspiring stories from the church around the world in every age, from the early martyrs thrown to the lions, to great missionaries (Livingstone, Carey) and social reformers (Booth, Shaftsbury), to biographies of Christians today (Brother Yun, Brother Andrew, David Wilkerson, Jackie Pullinger). The impact the Church has made on the world reveals God at work.

Evidence from CREATION

Many classical philosophical “arguments for the existence of God” are based on the idea that God revealed Himself in His Creation. “The argument from first cause” says that everything happens as a result of something causing it, and if there was no God then nothing could ever have come into existence. “The argument from design” looks at aspects of creation, from e.g. the greatness of the universe (see Psalm 19:1-4) to the minute intricacy of the human brain. Design requires a Designer. A similar argument can be made from beauty, conscience and spirituality, which could never have “evolved”.

Evidence from THE BIBLE

The Bible derives its authority from God. So arguing that God exists because the Bible says so is a circular argument. However if you start by demonstrating that the Bible is trustworthy (e.g. by looking at the way prophecy has been fulfilled, or at the way that the Bible has transformed the lives of people who have believed it) then what the Bible says about God can also be trusted.